Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Our skilled team of technicians can troubleshoot an existing system, make necessary repairs, and offer tips for ongoing maintenance, upgrades, or a complete re-design of a failing system to help you fall in love with your outdoor lighting all over again.

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Zoning, Dimming, and color​s

Is your home a dark and lonely place?

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We specialize in low voltage landscape lighting and low

voltage outdoor lighting in Greenville and surrounding areas

Do you have an older outdoor lighting system that still has those old halogen bulbs that just suck your wallets dry with the amount of electricity they use? Give us a call and let us show you how we can save you money with a LED retrofit to make your OLD Lightscape NEW again.

We also specialize in FX Luminair ZDC systems which will allow you to do what no other systems have done before. Now you can desiginate different zones withing your lighting scape with just one transformer. Also have the abiluity to dim each light individually or in seperate zones as well as choose from 30,000 colors and can set 250 different themes.

maintenance and repair

Let us design and install your perfect outdoor lightscape. We can come to you and provide a free at home demonstration with real life working lights to see what works and what doesn't for your particuliar landscape.

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